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Most people seek out therapy when they are in emotional pain. Usually they don't even know exactly what is wrong, they just know that they are hurting. Clients will often come in because they are feeling sad, alone, overwhelmed,angry, betrayed, abandoned, lost. Sometimes they feel stuck and unable to change the way they are feeling and those feelings are interrupting their life, maybe getting in the way of their dreams or goals. Most know that they want the bad feelings to stop and that something has to change, but they do not know how to do it.

Therapy Approach

I work primarily from what is called a eclectic model, I start with providing genuine, unconditional positive regard for all of my clients. My experience has taught me that it is within this genuine, intimate, trusting relationship that people feel safe enough and empowered enough to change. I work with my clients with the understanding that we are equals - I may have more training in the field of psychology, but I am human too, and that some of the things of which they are distressed I may have struggled with also, or have worked on with other strugglers, so I am able to be empathetic with them. It is only after I have been able to gain their trust that I can actively help them to change. At that time I being to utilize primarily Cognitive restructuring techniques and interventions which have high levels of success with most of the clients I treat.

What makes this a Christian Counseling Practice?

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I have been trained in proven principles of psychology. As a Christian who practices Marriage & Family therapy, I believe that all of the proven principles of psychology are found in Scripture and are based on God’s design. I believe that Rogers’ model of person-centered therapy is very much in keeping with God’s design of using the Church Body as his means of healing the distress of His people. “As iron sharpens iron” we are to help each other to grow into the people God wants us to be. He also uses the Holy Spirit to help and guide us, nudging us to make the changes He wants us to make.

What causes change and growth in counseling?

I believe that what causes change and growth in counseling is the relationship between a willing client and a supportive therapist along with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit. God designed us to need relationship, with Him and with each other; it is within these relationships that a person can grow and change.

Things you can expect during our sessions

With each person I treat, I stress the use of Christian principles to solve psychological problems. As I generally practice therapy with Christian clients, I utilize scripture and prayer along with other more standardized psychological interventions; if however, this is uncomfortable for you, please feel free to share this with me. I have quite a "tool box" of interventions that can be used to bring you the help and healing you desire.

Fees for Service

Fee for Individuals is $170.00  for a 50 minute therapy session, first session slightly more see Session Fee Page

Couples and Families Session fee is $185.00 for a 50 minute therapy session

Specialized Intensive Couples Session is $340.00 for 100 minute double session


I am glad to help with insurance reimbursement for those with PPO insurance

Therapy with Rebecca

18000 Studebaker - Ste 700 - Cerritos, CA 90703

Office Phone 562-551-1764 

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