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About So Cal Christian Counseling

Rebecca L. Schwarz, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist founded So Cal Christian Counseling as a Christian based Counseling Practice because she perceived a very, real need for Christian people in Southern California to receive the Values -based professional therapy that they desired.

Over the years it has become more and more clear that people truly want to have therapists who share the same core values that they do. In school when therapists are trained , they are taught that understanding the values of a client and supporting those values provides the very best standard of care for a client. 

According to research, every year more than 100,000 people search online for Christian based therapy services nation wide. Our company was created to meet the needs of these people. 

In June of 2019 we realized the need to change our name from Schwarz and Associates Marriage and Family Therapists to So Cal Christian Counseling to reach more hurting people in the Southern California area. And so, with a new logo and much prayer we hoped to reach more people with the help we can provide. Little did we know what was about to hit our world, COVID-19. Once the shut downs began we realized that people throughout California needed our help not just here in southern California so we began operating solely online using a web based Telehealth platform which opened the door to providing more help to more hurting people. 

It is our desire to be the company you and your family will turn to for help in your struggles. We truly do want to be a helping hand in your time of need!

Please read through the following pages of information on our therapists, we believe that one of them will meet your needs. However, whether you decide to work with us or with another therapist - please know this: it is our prayer and hope that God will direct you to just the right therapist for your needs.

May God Bless You!

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