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Therapy with Lissett

Perspective on Therapy

In the beginning, people may be hesitant or have negative feelings about making the decision to go to therapy. It takes courage to take steps toward seeking help. I want to reassure you that I will approach our time together with empathy, genuineness, warmth, and a nonjudgmental perspective. My job is to facilitate change and work through those challenges together in order for you to achieve your personal goals.  

Therapeutic Approach

I work primarily from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) model which focuses on how our thoughts influence how we feel and behave. The goal is to explore patterns of thinking and grow in awareness of negative patterns in order to establish new ones. This approach also focuses on core beliefs which can develop early on in life and we’ll also identify how these can influence us. Change is possible with the more awareness we gain and the more steps we take to establish healthier patterns. 

What makes this a Christian counseling practice?

As  a Christian therapist, I believe God calls us to make decisions together as a church body by seeking counsel. I also believe being a part of that body means not only celebrating together but also suffering together. We rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. If one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers. A lot of us choose to put up walls when we’re suffering but God does not want us to suffer in our pain alone. We have the Holy Spirit to guide us and help us make real changes in our lives. Therefore, I like to integrate my training in psychology with my spiritual background as a Christian to help foster growth. 

 What you can expect during our session?

 I aim to establish a strong therapeutic relationship in which you feel safe, heard, and supported in whatever you may be going through. I utilize evidence based psychological interventions and modify them to fit each of my clients in session. These interventions are designed to process situations and track negative patterns in order to take steps towards change. As a Christian therapist, I encourage utilizing scripture and prayer in addition to the standard therapeutic interventions but the use of these is entirely up to you.  
Fees for Service
Fee  for Individuals/Couples/Families  is $90.00 per 50 Min. Therapy Session

Sliding Scale available for those at need

I am glad to help with insurance reimbursement for those with PPO insurance