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Therapy with Joelle

Reaching out for help is a huge step in getting the help and support you need when faced with a problem.  Finding the right therapist who is understanding, empathetic, respectful, and has the same values and beliefs is a crucial part of getting the proper guidance and assistance to resolving issues in our lives.

I am a Christian believer and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides biblically sound principles and knowledge to treatment which consists of providing psychoeducation, teaching communication, conflict resolution, problem solving and coping skills.  

Often as individuals we get stuck in our negative thinking patterns, poor communication and coping skills, and may even be paralyzed by fear and hurt at times.  Although we are faced with struggles and challenges in our lives, God wants us to live in victory by learning new skills and behaviors that will give us joy and freedom to live more satisfying and purposeful lives.

I have also struggled with personal issues throughout my life.  I have always found talking to someone who has valuable knowledge that I trusted and respected made a significant difference in my life.  Trials and tribulations can make an individual stronger mentally, emotionally, and spiritually if you have the support and guidance needed to navigate through the disappointments and hurt we experience.  Isolation often robs us of feeling connected to others or a sense of belonging in this world.  You are not alone.

Please take a step of faith and reach out for help.  It is never too late to turn your life around. 

Joelle Allman